Bruschette al tonno


I cannot believe it is already November because it sure hasn't felt like autumn around here with 70 degree weather and humid temperatures. Wednesday was a beautiful day and I had taken a trip earlier to a nearby beach to collect some white sand for a project I had in mind. The beach inspired me to make something fresh and easy to prepare for lunch that day and tuna seemed to be the perfect answer. I grabbed a freshly baked loaf of pane (bread) on the way home and began preparing lunch.
(This dish would also be fabulous for an appetizer in the summer months served before an outdoor BBQ or packed in a basket for a day trip to the beach)


Tuna Bruschetta 

Serving size; 2-4

1 jar of tuna in olive oil (I always use Asdomar because they are sustainable and delizioso)

small handful of fresh basil cut finely (chiffonade)

small handful of fresh parsley cut finely (chiffonade)

half of a cucumber cut in small dices (fine bruonoise)

1 small red onion cut in small dices (fine brunoise)

half of a lemon 

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper
Slice your bread into the portion size you prefer and place them on roasting pan in the broiler at 400° degree F (200° C) until they turn lightl brown and crispy. 
Meanwhile, in a large bowl place the tuna, olive oil, basil, parsley, cucumber, red onion, s/p and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mix well until all incorporated. The longer the mixture sets the better it tastes because all the flavors dance around with each other, so if you are not in a rush this is great to make ahead of time. 
Sprinkle a little olive oil and a very small pinch of salt on top of the freshly broiled pieces of pane and place the tuna mixture on top and serve. 
Buon appetito

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